TA-F1000 Sell&dust filter

It is mainly designed for laser marking engraving machine. The metal iron powder/smoke/odor emitted by laser engraving is collected and filtered quickly.
✓ Protect employees' health.
✓ Ensure compliance with health and safety legislation.
✓ Improve production efficiency and reduce the risk of product contamination.
✓ Reduce employee and neighbor complaints from odor, dust and smoke.
✓ Avoid costs caused by health compensation complaints.
✓ Reduce the time and cost of equipment maintenance.
✓ Provide a better working environment.
✓ Eliminate penalties from environmental protection departments.

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Many types of smoke and dust will cause health hazards if inhaled into the human body. As a result, people will become extremely and permanently sensitive to smoke, which means that this hazard will continue to exist. Even for a small amount of smoke, it may cause asthma and other respiratory diseases. High-performance soot purification system will give the following help:


►Replacement cycle: under normal conditions

@Powder with more dust: It is recommended to replace it in about 1 to 2 months. The clogging of the filter will affect the suction power of the soot filter.
@In case of a small amount of dust and smoke: It is recommended to replace it in about 3 to 4 months to effectively reduce the pollution of the odor to the indoor environment.
(This data is for reference only, not as a promised service life, customers need to perform replacement actions according to actual usage)

►Specially designed for optical fiber laser marking engraving machine, aiming at the iron powder/smoke/odor emitted during the marking process, it will be discharged into the smoke filter for filtering in the shortest time.
►Suitable for filtering toxic fumes/odors volatilized by manual soldering.
► It can be placed beside UV direct injection machine or 3D printing machine to filter the odor, effectively improving the pungent odor in the room.
► High suction performance is suitable for desktop laser cutting machine.
►Mobile integrated chassis design, small footprint, can be used when plugged in.
►Single tube configuration can be selected according to demand (taking laser marking machine as an example, it has better suction performance for odor/dust/smoke.
► Choose two tubes one to two (good performance for manual solder and smoke removal, or for laser marking applications with less dust.
► The air outlet panel can be replaced, and the processing process with strong odor can be selected to take over the air outlet panel and be filtered and then discharged outside. Effectively keep indoors free from odor pollution.
► Stepless speed regulation, adjust suction according to demand


The rigid slub tube can be bent at will

Soft hood, can withstand high temperature up to 100~150 degrees

Suction hood configuration adjustable air valve
Turn off one to increase the suction strength at the other end

Equipped with flange seat, external exhaust pipe can be installed. If the polluted odor is not heavy, there is no need to efflux

Adjustable air volume knob
According to the needs of the site, the air volume can be adjusted

Brake wheel design, no doubt about safety

Environmental improvement solutions
■ Consultation hotline:
Mr. Hung +886-965-236169
line / wechat : tw3axle
e-mail: service@3axle.com
Filter layers     7
Weight     43kg
Voltage     110/220V 50/60Hz(Need to inform voltage in advance)
Power     650W
Air flow     1000m³/h
Rotating speed     5400r/min
Negative pressure     5200Pa
Noise     ≦65db
Equipment size     495*425*590mm
Inlet/Outlet     80-110mm