INNOVA Laser Marking Machine

Exploring the INNOVA Laser Marking Machine: Unlocking Infinite Creative Potential

With nearly two decades of domestic and international post-sale service experience and profound customer application expertise, TAIWAN 3 AXLE TECHNOLOGY launched its brand-new laser marking machine model—INNOVA—in 2024. This innovatively designed machine is the result of our ongoing pursuit of innovation and technological breakthroughs, aimed at helping our customers maintain a leading position in the fiercely competitive market.

The INNOVA laser marking machine is a revolutionary product in the market, offering a variety of laser source installation options, including advanced fiber lasers, efficient ultraviolet lasers, and versatile CO2 lasers. These diverse laser source options make the INNOVA suitable for precision processing of various materials, from metals to plastics, and from glass to wood, virtually covering all bases while also ensuring superior processing quality and efficiency.

We believe that with the powerful functionality and flexibility of the INNOVA laser marking machine, combined with our professional customer support and services, Taiwan 3 Axle Technology will be able to offer an unmatched product experience to our customers. We look forward to embracing an innovative future together with our customers and creating brilliance together.

The INNOVA Laser Marking Machine—An Innovative Solution Customized for Diverse Materials. Our marking system is equipped with advanced laser technology capable of meeting the fine processing needs of various industries. Whether you need precise marking or engraving on metals, plastics, glass, or wood, INNOVA offers the optimal solution.

Our system offers a selection of laser sources to choose from, including:

- Fiber Lasers: Ideal for metals and plastics, they provide high precision and speed for marking needs.
- Ultraviolet Lasers: Especially suited for applications requiring extremely high detail, such as microelectronics and precision processing.
- CO2 Lasers: Best for non-metallic materials such as wood, acrylic, and fabric, offering a variety of processing possibilities.

INNOVA's versatility ensures that no matter your industry or material needs, you can find the appropriate laser source configuration. From industrial manufacturing to artistic creation, and from small batch customization to large-scale production, we provide precise, fast, and high-quality marking and engraving solutions.

In today's era where precision and versatility are increasingly valued, the INNOVA laser marking and engraving machine offers a one-stop solution for personalized needs with its innovative design. We understand that different users have their own needs and preferences, so INNOVA is specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with industry-leading professional application software—EZCAD or MARKINGMATE—opening up more possibilities for your creations.

A major feature of INNOVA is its excellent scalability. As your needs evolve, INNOVA can be upgraded at any time, eliminating the need to replace equipment. This means that you can easily add various accessories now or in the future based on new creative demands or business developments, thereby enhancing work efficiency and the flexibility of creation.

The INNOVA model is specifically designed for professionals and businesses seeking to achieve a variety of applications with a single device, from deep engraving to light etching, and from product numbering to complex barcodes and serial number marking.

A standout feature of the INNOVA model is its powerful built-in software capabilities, which allow users to directly set various encoding needs within the software, including but not limited to product numbers, barcodes, serial numbers, and automatic number jumping. Additionally, for applications requiring personalized barcodes or QR codes, INNOVA also provides a convenient solution, eliminating the need for users to turn to third-party software for the cumbersome production and editing process.


In today's rapidly changing industrial environment, innovation and integration are key drivers of product development. Recognizing this, the 3AXLE team has introduced the INNOVA laser marking and engraving machine—a product that truly embodies our deep design experience and relentless pursuit of innovation.

The INNOVA laser marking and engraving machine combines our team's extensive practical experience and deep understanding of industrial design details, committed to providing a better user experience. This machine not only achieves innovation in technology but also pursues integration and versatility in design philosophy, making it capable of meeting the needs of various industries and application scenarios.

INNOVA is more than just a product; it represents our commitment to craftsmanship excellence, a profound understanding of customer needs, and an unyielding pursuit of technological innovation. We believe that INNOVA will bring unprecedented convenience and efficiency to your business, opening up more possibilities.


The tabletop design of the INNOVA is notably innovative, distinguished by the entire surface being covered with M6 screw holes, providing users with unprecedented flexibility and customization options. This design not only allows users to mount standard accessories on the tabletop but also facilitates the installation of non-standard or special accessories. Whether it's a 3C product rack or any other accessory compatible with M6 screw holes, it can be easily affixed to the INNOVA tabletop. This means that no matter how your needs evolve, the INNOVA's surface can offer the necessary support, greatly enhancing the functionality and personalization of your workspace.

The INNOVA tabletop design incorporates a feature allowing the installation of fine-tuning modules at any position, specifically designed for users with high precision requirements. Particularly for those experienced with laser marking machines, there is often a need to secure fixtures to keep objects stable during marking. However, even then, minor misalignments in the engraving positions can occur. This is where the fine-tuning tabletop modules prove invaluable, allowing users to make minute adjustments along the X and Y axes to ensure that the engraving aligns perfectly with the intended position. This not only significantly enhances the precision of the work but also provides unprecedented convenience and flexibility to the user.

The tabletop design of the INNOVA once again breaks traditional boundaries in terms of flexibility and innovation with its rotatable axis modules that can be installed at any position on the desktop. This design accommodates a variety of rotatable axis sizes—from large to small—and even advanced dual synchronous rotary axis modules can be easily installed at any location on the tabletop. This feature significantly alleviates the inconveniences previously caused by fixed installation points, allowing users to flexibly choose the optimal position for the rotary axis modules based on specific needs and workflow. This not only enhances work efficiency but also provides a more optimized and personalized work experience.

The innovative aspect of the INNOVA tabletop lies in its support for directly installing a cross-slide module on the desktop, which brings significant convenience for small batch processing. The cross-slide can automatically move along the X and Y axes, achieving precise positioning and processing of objects, greatly expanding the processing range and adapting to different sizes and shapes of objects. This feature is particularly suitable for batch processing scenarios, such as the common tray processing method in the electronics industry, which can reduce the time for loading and unloading materials and increase production efficiency.

Moreover, for applications that require large-scale processing, the cross-slide can also be used in conjunction with a tiling mode. This means that even when handling large-area objects, there is no need to rely on high-power lasers to address the issue of light attenuation. This design not only enhances processing efficiency and flexibility but also helps maintain consistent processing quality, providing users with a highly flexible and efficient work platform.

The INNOVA tabletop design supports the installation of a lateral slide module, specifically aimed at those tasks involving the engraving and processing of elongated objects. The lateral slide provides a dynamic moving axis platform, allowing users to install suitable fixtures based on their processing needs for batch production and processing.

The lateral movement axis also expands the range of applications for the INNOVA desktop, providing tremendous convenience for professionals who need lateral processing space, especially when products require engraving on specific parts of elongated objects. With the lateral slide, INNOVA can enhance work efficiency, reduce the need for manual adjustments, and ensure precision and consistency throughout the processing.

The INNOVA tabletop design includes a conveyor belt module installed directly on the surface, specifically tailored for customers who need to handle batch production and irregular object processing. The integration of the conveyor belt not only allows for continuous and automatic processing of objects but also achieves precise positioning and processing of irregular items through the use of CCD recognition technology.

This significantly enhances processing efficiency and accuracy, especially suited for industries that need to quickly handle a large volume of irregular objects, such as electronic component manufacturing, and metal or plastic part production. With this functionality, INNOVA offers users an efficient, automated processing solution that greatly reduces labor costs and enhances production efficiency.