M20W MINI Desktop Fiber Laser Engraving and Marking Machine

M20W MINI Fiber Laser Engraving and Marking Machine - A Masterpiece by Taiwan 3Axle Technology!

TAIWAN 3 AXLE TECHNOLOGY proudly presents the latest M20W MINI Fiber Laser Engraving and Marking Machine! This desktop laser marking machine is not only compact and lightweight but also boasts outstanding performance and efficiency. More importantly, by choosing our product, you will receive professional and timely post-sales support, addressing all your questions and needs.

Considering the cost-to-performance ratio? We confidently say: for the same price, you'll possess greater value and quality. Still comparing specifications? With us, for identical specifications, you will enjoy even more competitive pricing.

The M20W MINI Fiber Laser Engraving and Marking Machine is a high-performance, precise marking equipment in modern industry. Its primary features include high stability, long service life, and exceptional marking quality. Due to its outstanding characteristics, it has found widespread applications across various industries

  1. High Precision: Capable of exact engraving, ensuring that text, graphics, or barcodes on the product are clear and distinguishable.
  2. High Speed: Compared to traditional engraving methods, fiber laser marking is faster, enhancing production efficiency.
  3. High Stability: With the use of fiber-optic technology, the lifespan of the marking machine is extended, and it maintains high performance even during prolonged operations.
  4. Material Saving: No inks or consumables are required during the engraving process, significantly reducing production costs.

Application Areas:

Electronics: Used in products like mobile phone cases, keyboards, chargers, etc., to mark product information, barcodes, or logos.
Daily Goods: Items such as pens, glasses, watches, etc., marked with brand names or other decorative details.
Mechanical Parts: Marking part numbers, specifications, and other vital information, ensuring component accuracy.
Jewelry: Detailed engraving on jewelry or precious metals, enhancing their uniqueness.
Medical Devices: Marking product serial numbers, manufacturing dates, or other crucial information to ensure patient safety.

M20W MINI Laser Marking

The latest desktop fiber laser engraving machine! While striving for a reduced size, we remain committed to quality, offering you specifications equivalent to professional processing machines. Whether you require continuous, extended processing, this model can meet your needs without any concerns. Experience the perfect fusion of advanced technology and superior performance!


Dual-point infrared focal positioning

To ensure the precision of each engraving, the M20W MINI employs the two-point infrared focal positioning feature. This makes it exceptionally suitable for users who frequently need to handle objects of various sizes.

Simply adjust the focal length quickly through the infrared projection points. Once the two infrared projection points converge perfectly, it indicates that you have set the focus correctly. This not only saves you time but also ensures consistency and quality in every marking.

Factory Quality Control Marking" or "Factory QC Labeling

Each M20W MINI Fiber Laser Engraving and Marking Machine comes with the original manufacturer's factory marking before it leaves the factory. This not only represents its original quality but, more importantly, this mark signifies that the equipment has undergone rigorous quality control testing before shipment. Such testing ensures that every device meets the highest quality standards and performance requirements, giving consumers peace of mind in its use.

The volume has been significantly reduced by 40%

Size Reduction: Compared to the typical desktop laser marking machines, the M20W MINI has seen a substantial reduction in volume by up to 40%. Such a design ensures that space is no longer a constraint, allowing easy placement whether in a small studio or confined spaces.

Lightweight Design: Not only is its size more compact, but the M20W MINI also weighs relatively less. For users who need to frequently move or adjust its position, this is undoubtedly a huge advantage. It can be easily transported by a single person, eliminating the need for assistance from others.

No worries about power consumption for the equipment

Power Specifications: Designed for AC110V or AC220V, perfectly matching your power requirements.

No Need for a Transformer: Users don't have to purchase or install a separate transformer, saving both time and hassle.

Place Anywhere: Unrestricted by the positioning within a studio or power conditions, providing users with greater flexibility.

Suitable for Indoors and Outdoors: Whether used indoors or outdoors, the M20W MINI can meet your needs.

Double the production capacity, no waiting for processing

Affordable Purchase Price: Acquire the high-quality M20W MINI within your budget.

Division of Labor Boosts Production: Multiple machines operate simultaneously, performing different laser engraving tasks, eliminating wait times for individual orders.

Diverse Order Handling: Capable of flexibly allocating resources based on varying customer needs, expertly managing a range of orders.

Your investment will see a quick return, and your market scope will expand. No longer limited by the processing capability of a single machine, your production line will run more smoothly!

Highly expandable

High Expandability: The M20W MINI is not only renowned for its superior laser marking and engraving capabilities, but its expandability is also exceptional, catering to a variety of application needs.

Aluminum Alloy Flat Table: Manufactured using high-quality aluminum alloy materials, it ensures flatness and durability, leading to more precise marking.

Uniquely Designed Multi-hole Fixing Points: The table surface features a design with multiple fixing points, offering immense convenience. Users can easily secure various jigs and expansion accessories, ensuring stability during the engraving process.

  Economical Model Type Economical Model Enhanced Edition Standard Basic Model
Laser Brand MAX MAX JPT
Laser Wattage 20W 20W 20W
Laser Wavelength 1064± 5 nm 1064± 5 nm 1064± 5 nm
Adjustable Frequency Range 30-60Khz 30-60Khz 1 - 600KHz
Adjustable Power Range 1-100% 1-100% 1-100%
Software Control EzCad MarkingMate MarkingMate
Galvo Scanner High speed scan / ScanLab
Beam Diameter 7±1mm 7±1mm 7±1mm
Beam Quality 1.4M² 1.4M² 1.5M²
Supply Voltage 220V/50~60Hz  Single phase ※Need to add ground wire
Power Consumption < 2kW < 2kW < 2kW 
Equipment Dimensions 40cm (L) x 34cm (W) x 58cm (H)
Equipment Weight  14.5KG ~  15KG (Depending on the additional accessories installed)