SU3-Basic Series

SU☰-6040 Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine
Crafts and gift boxes, crystal making, portraits, picture engraving,
Two-color plate engraving, advertising industry, architectural models, leather decoration and
Cutting, garden mausoleum stele portrait engraving, car instrumentation, car nameplates, etc.

Applicable material
Two-color board, tile, glass, crystal, wood, high density board, stone,
Rubber, leather, plexiglass, cloth and other fabrics, fiberboard, etc.
Optional items
. Laser tube 60W, 80W, 100W
. Smoke and odor purification system

■ One year warranty service
■ Taiwan technicians are guaranteed to sell services

1. Built-in lighting equipment in the work area
2. Easy-to-operate graphic control panel.
3. The material can be passed through the front and back (longer plates can be placed)
4. The tripod of the machine is detachable.
5. The first blanking drawer (more convenient to collect cutting items and residual materials)
6. Front airflow hole design (strengthen the rear ventilation effect)
7. Built-in rotary shaft socket, plug and play

Security configuration

1. Cover opening protection: When the upper cover is opened, the device will stop emitting light to prevent personnel from being accidentally injured by the laser.
2. Power lock protection: The machine can only be opened and used if there is a key.
3. Water cut-off protection: When the circulating water stops flowing, stop the laser emitting light to prevent the laser tube from burning out.
4. Education and training: During teaching, the focus will be on the safety of equipment use and precautions. In order to use safety, the concept of fire protection is indispensable.


The whole Taiwan's first front pull large-scale blanking drawer
. Cleaner inside the device
. Remaining material is easier to clean
. After cutting, the blanking product is easier to collect
. It can avoid excessive residual material and cause fire caused by laser burning

Allows longer material to enter
. Small models can also produce large-sized workpieces
. No longer limit creative space due to device level differences
. The door panel will automatically close when the back feed is not in use, which can enhance the air tightness and increase the direction of the front air flow.


Detachable base

For various space constraints, the detachable base can be used as a desktop model.

The height of the internal space is at least 20 cm, including the blanking drawer and the bottom sheet metal, so there is no need to worry about the high heat of the laser energy and the table top.


The Ruida control system with the highest market share in the world

The internal memory can store multiple sets of historical processing information, and it can be cut again without connecting to the computer again.

Basic required functions have corresponding interface connections, whether it is USB/network/rotating axis, etc. Common requirements

And provide the original licensed software

The third generation SU series models

After nearly two years of market stress testing with about 400 units, SUII is the third-generation model that integrates the valuable opinions of users.

We hope to provide users with more user-friendly configuration and more stable affordable models.

For young people who are new to laser equipment for the first time, they can enjoy real equipment-level creation tools without investing high purchase costs.


Each device is equipped with an emergency stop button, which can be pressed when the device is not in use, or in case of any emergency, the entire machine can be powered off.

Power off key lock

It can control the equipment and grasp the user's situation.
It can also avoid security incidents such as equipment damage or personal injury caused by improper operation by untrained personnel.



Industrial water cooler

Regardless of the wattage, a standard industrial-grade water cooling system is standard. The cooling device is an essential accessory for the stable operation of all equipment. The quality of the water cooling system directly affects the stability of the equipment, especially the laser tube.

Generally, desktop models often encounter high temperature, which causes the device to crash due to heat. We believe that thermal shutdown is an unacceptable phenomenon, because the equipment is shut down at light level, and it may cause safety hazards in severe cases.

Under the fierce market competition, our company still does not change any specifications and grades.

Sword strip & honeycomb net double table

Standard double table
. Sword strips - most of them are used for cutting, and the cutting residues are easier to fall to the bottom of the falling material collection drawer.

Honeycomb mesh countertop
. Generally used for materials that are more prone to collapse and require a flat support surface, such as cloth/paper. Or avoid pieces that fall and break after cutting.


Smoke and dust filter system (optional)

Provide corresponding filtration equipment for processing pollution sources
There are corresponding solutions for dust / odor / smoke
and advise on budget

air blow adjustment

The air volume can be adjusted according to the processing requirements of different materials, and the air volume is sufficient to have a better cutting effect for cutting wood materials.

It can also achieve fire extinguishing/cooling/dust blowing effects for acrylic cutting.



The company's long-term cultivation of sales engineers can be dispatched immediately for sales services, and users do not need to crawl the Internet or spend too much time on their own maintenance.

One year warranty

Free on-site service throughout Taiwan under warranty
In addition to the warranty, you can also enjoy after-sales technical assistance and services
Multiple Contact Windows Provides Instant Obstacle Removal
Standard parts and components, no need to worry about the shortage of materials and other problems



Device model  SU☰6040  SU☰9060  SU☰1390
Laser power 60W、80W、100W(optional) 60W、80W、100W、130W、150W(optional) 60W、80W、100W、130W、150W(optional)
Laser type CO2 sealed glass laser tube
The scope of work 600*400mm 900*600mm 1300*900mm
Engraving speed 600mm/s 400mm/s 400mm/s
Lifting table Electric lift platform,200mm Electric lift platform,200mm Electric lift platform,200mm
positioning accuracy ±0.1mm ±0.05mm ±0.05mm
working desk Sword & Honeycomb Board Sword & Honeycomb Board Sword & Honeycomb Board
cooling system Industrial CW3000 water cooler, industrial CW5000 water cooler (depending on wattage)
Resolution 1000dpi
Cutting thickness

60W max: linden board 10mm / dense board 5mm / acrylic 5mm

80W max: linden board 15mm / dense board 8mm / acrylic 10mm

100W max: linden board 20mm / dense board 10mm / acrylic 15mm

130W max: linden board 25mm / dense board 10mm / acrylic 20mm

Blanking collection
Front and rear pass through 600mm x infinite length 900mm x infinite length 1300mm x infinite length
Drive System 42 stepper motor system 57 Stepper Motor System 57 Stepper Motor System
operating software RDWorks/Optimization software (optional)
Connection method USB cable / USB flash drive / Wifi (optional)
Supported formats AI / CDR / PLT / DXF / JPG等
Reference Size Maximum size 1200*1020*1070mm (including protective cover width 300mm)
Height 820mm after feet are removed
Maximum size 1500*1200*1020mm (including protective cover width 400mm)
Height 750mm after feet are removed
Maximum size 1890*1500*1070mm (including protective cover width 400mm)
Height 730mm after feet are removed
reference weight 75kg 150kg  280kg 
electricity demand Single-phase AC 220V 50-60Hz 20A Average power consumption 1000W~1500W
Peripheral accessories Exhaust fan, air pump, special water cooler for laser
Security Emergency stop switch, cover opening protection, laser tube overheating alarm
Warranty Service One year warranty
Education Training software/hardware online teaching/user manual

SU3-6040 model

SU3-6040 model

SU3-90640 model

SU3-90640 model

SU3-90640 model

5mm acrylic photo cutting and engraving demonstration

SU3-1390 models

Demonstration of Bamboo Board Cutting Efficiency

Dust filter system

Demonstration of one-to-two use of dust filter system