Aio Laser cutting and engraving machine

Aio Laser cutting and engraving machine
[New model in 2022] All in one design

. Optional glass tube wattage 60W / 80W / 100W / 130W
. Optional metal tube wattage 30W / 60W / 80W (Optional American Synrador/Coherent or DAVI)
. Working range 600 x 400mm / 900 x 600mm
. Front and rear pass through
. Coaxial red light design, more precise and precise positioning point
. Optional metal tube engraving to double the fineness
. Closed dust-proof design
. Dual-row front airflow hole design (enhanced ventilation effect)
. Adjustable blowing design, better processing effect for different materials

Scope of application
Crafts and gift boxes, crystal making, portraits, picture engraving,
Two-color plate engraving, advertising industry, architectural models, leather decoration and
Cutting, garden mausoleum stele portrait engraving, car instrumentation, car nameplates, etc.

Applicable engraving material
Two-color board, tile, glass, crystal, wood, high density board, stone,
Rubber, leather, plexiglass, cloth and other fabrics, fiberboard, etc.

Applicable cutting material
Leather, plexiglass, cloth and other fabrics, fiberboard, two-color board, wood board, high density board


Security configuration

1. Cover opening protection: When the upper cover is opened, the device will stop emitting light to prevent personnel from being accidentally injured by the laser.
2. Power lock protection: The machine can only be opened and used if there is a key.
3. Water cut-off protection: When the circulating water stops flowing, stop the laser emitting light to prevent the laser tube from burning out.
4. Uninterrupted power fire alarm device, built-in fire extinguishing device (optional)
4. Education and training: During teaching, the focus will be on the safety of equipment use and precautions. In order to use safety, the concept of fire protection is indispensable.

Smoke and odor filter system (optional)

Provide corresponding filtration equipment for processing pollution sources
There are corresponding solutions for dust / odor / smoke
There are also water-washing and pulse backflushing dust collectors

Built-in coaxial red light projection

It is projected in the same path as the laser light, and the verticality is accurate. The positioning point will not be offset due to the lifting of the table or long-term use.

fine carving required

Short focal lens design, better performance for photo engraving or detailed engraving
It can be upgraded to metal tube, and the engraving quality can be improved

High-speed engraving performance

Up to 1000mm/s engraving speed, greatly reducing the waiting time of processing

15W wireless charging

In order to meet the modern people's dependence on the use of mobile communication devices, a wireless charging area is specially configured. It can be charged while working, not limited to any brand.

Laptop operate area

The lack of a fixed position for the computer has always been a major problem for users. This model has added a platform for users to place the computer and its peripherals, so that the computer does not fall or need to be placed on the desktop due to space constraints.

Color touch screen operation interface

Modern people are more familiar with the touch-sensitive interface, and the large screen is not limited by the size of browsing and operation, which reduces the damage or dirt caused by the long-term use of the keys and is not easy to clean. Immediate dynamic data is perfectly presented.

Adjustable blow design

For laser engraving applications, adjusting a smaller amount of the device can reduce smoke pollution on the surface of the material. Significant reduction in post-processing steps

All in one integrated body design

Cooling system / exhaust equipment / filtering equipment / auxiliary blowing, built inside the equipment. There is no additional peripheral equipment to improve the surrounding cleanliness, and the parallel movement of the equipment does not require disassembly and assembly of any spare parts

Air blow/exhaust synchronous design

When the equipment is performing processing, the auxiliary blowing and exhausting devices are automatically started and automatically stopped in the non-processing state, which can reduce the necessary power consumption and parts consumption.

Full width blanking drawer

To avoid the inconvenience of material bouncing, or the inconvenience of needing to open the front door panel to pull out the drawer, this machine is specially equipped with a full-width blanking drawer, which is easier to collect and clean. No mess inside the device

Open cover safety protection mechanism

When the equipment is in operation, the laser light will be stopped immediately after opening the protective door cover, which can avoid any danger caused by wrong operation.

Power supply for electronic equipment

In order to facilitate the power consumption of additional electronic products that may be required during integration work, the use of excessive extension cords can reduce the clutter of the surrounding environment. This model is specially designed with several sockets for the convenience of users, and no longer needs to be limited by the distance between the wall sockets.

USB expansion socket

With the advancement of technology and the introduction of new electronic products, most users also rely on entertainment products such as Bluetooth speakers/tablets at work. They do not need to carry a power bank at all times or worry about the nervousness of electronic products being out of power. This model is specially equipped with at least three The USB slot is for user use.

Front and rear material design

The ability to pass through the front and back is one of the necessary functions, and the equipment is no longer limited by the length of the plate and cannot be processed. Proper use can save more material costs or create larger works.

Industrial water cooling system

The cooling system is an important key to most processing equipment. Poor cooling performance can easily cause serious damage to the equipment, and may cause danger in severe cases. Our company has always been equipped with industrial water cooling systems to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.



Device model 3AXLE Aio640 3AXLE Aio960
Laser wattage 60W / 80W / 100W (optional) 60W / 80W / 100W  / 130W (optional)
Working area 600*400mm*200mm 900*600*200mm
work platform Sword bar / honeycomb board Sword bar / honeycomb board
Engraving speed 1000mm/s 1000mm/s
red light positioning Built-in coaxial red light positioning (non-external) Built-in coaxial red light positioning (non-external)
Cooling system Built-in compressor water cooler Built-in compressor water cooler
transfer method USB flash drive, USB transmission line, WIFI USB flash drive, USB transmission line, WIFI
display interface Touch screen work interface Touch screen work interface
laptop workbench The upper right side of the case is the laptop storage area, which is equipped with an insulating surface to avoid damage to electronic products caused by leakage when the device fails.
Additional charging design There is AC110V socket on the top of the control panel / USB hole for connecting device and PC / device reading USB hard disk slot / 15W USB charging slot / 15W mobile phone wireless charging
Blanking drawer The size of the blanking drawer needs to cover the work surface and the range after the cut items are dropped
Front and rear pass through 600mm x infinite length 900mm x infinite length
historical record Automatic memory processing files, no need to connect to the computer for repeated transmission, can be operated offline
safety design Cover opening protection, instant stop/start button, key lock
Dust Filtration Built-in three-layer smoke filter design / optional six-layer or independent smoke filter system
electricity demand Single-phase AC 220V 50-60Hz 15A
Average power consumption 1500W 1500W 
Equipment size  1500*810*1010mm 1840*1150*1010mm

Aio960-100W Cutting Efficiency Demonstration

Aio640 / Aio960 laser cutting and engraving machine. Ultra-high engraving speed 1000mm/s.

2021 Taipei Automation Industry Exhibition debuts Aio640 laser cutting and engraving machine

Aio640 1000mm/s high-speed engraving display

Aio640 stable high-speed marking display

Aio960 Acrylic Line Drawing Engraving/Cutting Display