TANB II flat bed cutting

TANB II flat bed cutting
TANB II Proofing Platform Cutting Machine / TANB-II Printing Proofing Platform Cutting Machine
The best solution for cutting corrugated boxes, color boxes, paper bags and cardboard fabrics.
Another inkjet type TANB-P

■ TANB II-P is a type of inkjet printer, TANB II generally does not have the function of inkjet printing.
■ Scope of application: paper bags, color boxes, advertising display stands, standing signs, paper utensils, fabrics, shoes, wallets, etc.
■ Standard infrared ray anti-collision device, safe use first.
■ Adopt Mitsubishi Electric.
■ High-speed vibrating cutter head realizes high-quality cutting.
■ A variety of optional tools: vibration, V knife, round knife, indentation, half knife, etc...
■ Fully automatic partition vacuum adsorption: 8-84 adsorption partitions, which can be attached and automatically corrected the table top (the number of partitions is optional)
■ CCD device: automatic positioning and cutting of printed materials. (Optional)

■ Consultation hotline: 0965-236-169 Mr. Hung
■ One year warranty service
■ Taiwanese technicians


Cardboard / corrugated paper / color box
/ paper bag / fabric leather cutting plan

A variety of optional tools: vibration, V knife, round knife, indentation, half knife, etc...

This model is divided into general and conventional models and TANB II-P inkjet models.


A variety of optional tools

Vibration, V knife, round knife, indentation, half knife, etc. are available for selection

High-speed vibration cutter head

Efficient cutting speed to achieve high-quality cutting

Infrared anti-collision device

Safer operation



Fully automatic partitioned vacuum adsorption

8-48 adsorption zones, can follow adsorption and automatically calibrate the table (optional)


Automatically realize the positioning and cutting of printed materials (optional)

Mitsubishi Electric

Internationally renowned brand, stable and durable



Rolling platform

It can be replaced with a rolling platform, and the material can be cut to an unlimited length to improve efficiency.

Inkjet function

Only for TANB II-P, the inkjet box can be adjusted according to the height of the material
Automatically adjust the printing height and automatically clean the ink cartridges.



Fixed platform models to choose from

No scroll function


Various types of optional tools can be widely used in various cutting materials


設備規格 1410 1813 2516 2518 2520 3020 3016
加工範圍  1400*1000mm 1800*1300mm  2500*1600mm   2500*1800mm 2500*2000mm  3000*2000mm   
切割速度        ≦ 1200mm/s
切割厚度         ≦ 30mm or 60mm(max)
固定方式        真空吸附
支援格式 DXF / HPG
切割精度 ± 0.1mm
重複精度 ±0.2mm
切割圓形直徑 ≧ Ø 5mm
工作電壓 AC 220V 380V , 50Hz
外觀尺寸  217*170*140cm  257*200*140cm  327*230*140cm 327*250*140cm 377*284*140cm  410*284*140cm   377*230*140cm
選配項目 拾料台 / 小CCD / 全景相機 / 排版投影系統 / 各式刀具