TA-PH5800 Smoke and dust filtering system

TA-PH5800 Smoke and dust filtering system
TA-PH5800 Smoke and Dust and Odor Filter System
Especially for filter systems that produce oil/gas/oily objects

■ It is recommended for users who need large suction airflow and fiber laser metal cutting machine.
■ High-horsepower exhaust air, effectively filtering metal cutting oil and gas
■ Water- and oil-proof filter elements from major Japanese manufacturers.
■ Automatic pulse back-blowing and dust removal.
■ The filtration efficiency of dust above 0.3μm is more than 99%.

■ Consultation Hotline: 0965-236169 Mr. Hung
■ One year warranty service
■ Taiwanese technicians

The dust produced by processing is not just dust
Beware of the production of oil and gas / oily derivatives

The dust and smoke produced by the processing of some materials is not just like the dust seen by the naked eye.
But a layer of oil and gas can also be generated, which can cause serious blockage of the filter element and reduced suction.

TA-PH5800 adopts Japanese waterproof and oil-proof filter element, which effectively eliminates oil and gas problems.


Applicable industry

It is suitable for the collection and purification of suspended and diffused dust in laser cutting operations, welding operations, mixing operations, bagging operations, vibrating screens, grinding operations, sand blasting operations, air conveying, packaging operations, etc.

For the metal processing industry, such as the dust generated by a large amount of metal laser cutting, it has a good dust collection effect and greatly improves the overall working environment of the personnel.



※The attached picture is a case of using TA-PH5800 for customers in the metal cutting industry of the company. From the perspective of the filter material, pure metal cutting can produce a lot of dust and dirty oil and gas.



Pulse blowback system

Pulse back-blowing can make the filter element last longer. The purpose of back-blowing is to blow the dust attached to the filter element to the dust collection drawer under the equipment, which can reduce the service life of the filter element and is more conducive to the concentrated collection of dust.

Automatic pulse back blow cleaning, and combined with the specially developed spiral injection technology, the cleaning area covers the entire surface of the filter cartridge.



Japan waterproof and oil-proof filter material
The filtration efficiency of dust above 0.3µm is above 99%

The design of the cylindrical pleated filter cartridge increases the filtration area, and the coating treatment makes the filtration efficiency of dust above 0.3µm reach 99%.





Simple control panel, no cumbersome use sequence



Adopt backward centrifugal fan.
High speed, large air volume, higher static pressure and higher efficiency.


ABB / Siemens Motor

Dust collection drawer

Porous dust base design,
​Double dust drawer design.


Air volume 4000-5800 m3/h
Maximum static pressure 2400 pa
Number of filter cartridges 4
Inhalation caliber Ø250/Ø300
Filter method Cartridge filter negative pressure external filter
Filter cartridge material Membrane filter material imported from Japan
Filtration accuracy 0.3-1µm
Compressed air pressure 0.4~0.6MPa
power 5.5KW
electricity demand Three-phase 380V / 60Hz
equipment weight 500kg
physical dimension 1093*944*1989mm


The above specifications are subject to revision without notice. Please refer to the specifications on the latest quotation.