DC series Laser Cutting Engraving Machine [Industrial Type]

[Super high stability]
Low maintenance rate is very suitable for long-term continuous processing machines
The DC series industrial-grade model is designed for a large number of cutting needs, and has ultra-high stability and performance.
From the fuselage structure to the components used, durability and low maintenance are the main considerations
A packaging that does not rely on any language skills, based on the evaluation of online users in the market for many years
If you take mass production and stability as your main purchase considerations, I believe that the DC industrial-grade model is your best choice

. Optional glass tube wattage 60W / 80W / 100W / 130W
. Optional metal tube wattage 30W / 60W / 80W (optional brand American Synrador/Coherent)
. Working range 600 x 400mm / 900 x 600mm / 1300 x 900mm
. Replaceable laser sleeve (for thick and thin plate cutting can be quickly replaced)
. Lengthen the lighting, brighter working environment
. Adjustable blowing design, better processing effect for different materials

■ Consultation Hotline: 0905-196-397 Mr. Yan / 0965-236169 Mr. Hung
■ One year warranty service
■ Taiwanese technicians

The industry's first replaceable laser sleeve design
[Short focus] For thin plate cutting and detailed engraving
[Telephoto] Better cutting perpendicularity performance for thick plate cutting
[Modularization] Aluminum alloy laser head holder, convenient for future maintenance and disassembly

Scope of application
Handicrafts and gift boxes, crystal production, portraits, picture carvings, two-color plate carvings, advertising industry, architectural models, leather decoration and cutting, portrait carvings of garden stone monuments, automobile instruments, automobile nameplates, etc.

Optional items
Laser processing will produce dust/smoke/odor, it is recommended to plan to use it with a smoke and dust odor purification system

Applicable engraving material
Two-color board, ceramic tile, glass, crystal, wood, high-density board, stone, rubber, leather, plexiglass, cloth and other fabrics, fiberboard, etc.

Applicable cutting material
Leather, plexiglass, cloth and other fabrics, fiberboard, two-color board, wood board, high-density board

Security configuration

Cover opening protection: When the upper cover is opened, the device will stop emitting light to prevent people from being injured by the laser.

Power lock protection: the machine can only be turned on and used with a key

Water cut protection: When the circulating water stops flowing, stop the laser from emitting light to prevent the laser tube from burning out

Fire extinguishing device (optional)

Fire alarm system (optional)

Education and training: The focus of teaching will be on the safety of equipment use and precautions. In order to use safety, the concept of fire protection is indispensable

Model L is the equipment platform can be raised and lowered
The platform of this model can be raised and lowered, but the base cannot be removed
It is not recommended to choose if the entrance of your installation site does not exceed 200cm

Model S is that the base of the device can be removed

The platform of this model cannot be raised or lowered, but the base can be removed
Suitable for entrances with a door width of about 80cm, which can be assembled after dismantling the equipment

Created the first asana exhaust hood

It can prevent the cutting and falling matter from being sucked into the exhaust pipe, causing damage to the fan blades
The triangular roof shape allows the cut drop to fall into the collection drawer

It can be used with the smoke and dust filter system recommended by our company to improve your working environment

The industry's first modular aluminum alloy laser head assembly

Can quickly replace the short focal lens and the telephoto lens tube
[Short focus lens] For thin plate cutting/fine engraving needs
[Telephoto lens] For thick plate cutting/better cutting perpendicularity

We have considerable requirements for every component of the equipment. The laser head assembly used in this model is also heat-treated alloy. The requirements of each link also create the most important factor for the stability of the equipment.



Width up to 17mm thick belt

The standard timing belt of this machine has high transmission accuracy and low noise, which is more suitable for long-time work and continuous processing.

The differences that are invisible to the naked eye are often overlooked details.
The matching of the timing belt and the stepper motor is very important, which is why the components of the DC industrial-grade model can be calculated based on the number of years. Very low maintenance rate processing is not stopped.

Hard carbon steel body

DC calls it an industrial-grade model. The reason is that the body of the model is made of high-carbon steel. Because of the high rigidity of high-carbon steel, the body is particularly stable. This is why the accuracy of the DC industrial-grade model will be higher than that of any general model under long-term high-frequency use, and the cumulative deviation value will be relatively much lower.
The main reason is that the fuselage is not twisted due to centrifugal action.
The difference between the technological level and the forging process is relatively much higher than that of the commercially available models.
This is the basis for us to formulate industrial-grade models.


STM5576 industrial grade stepping motor

The order of stepping motors used in laser cutting machines on the market is 42 motors (general models) <57H motors (corporate models) <STM5576 motors (industrial grade)

The pursuit of DC industrial-grade models is not whether the engraving speed per second is the fastest, but whether each action is the most accurate, without jitter/out of step/accurate buffering.

Cutting precision is the primary condition for processing.


Highly stable performance metal tube laser tube imported from the United States

Optional brand United States Synrador/Coherent
In the environment of market competition, the living space becomes smaller and smaller when the price ratio gets lower. The only thing that can be distinguished from the market is the difference in quality.

The processing quality of the metal tube is believed to make you have a significant difference in the yield/processing quality of the finished product.
Our company has metal pipe test prototypes on site, so that you can experience with your own eyes that the quality can help you have a better competitive advantage in the market.


Device model DC-6040L(Lifting platform) DC-9060L(Lifting platform) DC-9060S DC-1390L(Lifting platform) DC-1390S
Laser type CO2 sealed off glass laser tube
Laser power Glass tube60W、80W、100W、130W(Optional) Glass tube 60W、80W、100W、130W、150W(Optional)
Metal tube30w、60W Metal tube30w、60W、80W
Working area  600*460mm  900*600mm  1300*900mm
Lifting height  200mm  200mm NO  200mm NO
Engraving speed 400mm/s~600mm/s
electricity demand single-phaseAC 220V 50-60Hz 15A
positioning accuracy ±0.05mm
Drive System Stepping system / belt up to 17mm wide / HIWIN linear slide
Connection method USB、USB隨身碟、Wifi(Optiona)
Support format  AI、CDR、PLT、DXF、JPG
Types of countertops Sword Strip & Honeycomb Board
cooling system Industrial water coolers are standard, but no water cooler is required if metal pipes are used
Operating software RDWorks
Equipment size 1700*950*1140mm (including laser tube protective cover 500mm wide) 1860*1170*1110mm (including laser tube protective cover 350mm wide) 1860*1170*1110mm (including the laser tube protective cover 350mm wide), the height after removing the feet is 660mm 2020*1460*1150mm 2020*1460*1150mm (the height after removing the feet is 660mm)
equipment weight         180KG


Fine line scoring performance

Laser engraving performance

Surface engraving

Large size acrylic cutting performance