TA-F1600 Dust Filter

Dust Filter for Laser cutting machine
✓ Protect employees' health.
✓ Ensure compliance with health and safety legislation.
✓ Improve production efficiency and reduce the risk of product contamination.
✓ Reduce complaints from employees and neighbors from smell, dust and smoke.
✓ Avoid costs arising from health compensation complaints.
✓ Reduce the time and cost of maintenance and repair of machinery and equipment.
✓ Provide a better working environment.
✓ Eliminate penalties from environmental protection departments.

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■ One year warranty service

Many industrial productions will form toxic and harmful dust and smoke. Simply put, any material that is cut, engraved or physically changed in any way during all operations will produce harmful substances. To

►Laser (cutting, engraving, marking, welding, cladding, etc.)
►Hand and machine welding
►Food and pharmaceutical tobacco production packaging
►Advertising production, printing and inkjet
►Laboratory, beauty and medical
►Odor filter for reflow soldering equipment
►Odor filter for injection molding machine

►LCD monitor
►10 speed adjustable
►Real-time display status display
►Wireless remote control: remote switch/air volume adjustment/timed shutdown
►Built-in two-stage filter blockage warning sound to remind the filter material to be replaced and replaced immediately.
► Purify the pungent smell volatilized by automated mass production
►Air volume up to 1600m3/h
►Equipment special sound-absorbing material reduces operating noise and realizes low noise and high efficiency work.
►Up to 7 layers of high-efficiency filter elements, strictly filter all kinds of smoke, dust and irritating and harmful gases to ensure the safety of the indoor environment.
►Mobile integrated chassis design, small footprint, convenient installation, and reduced indoor energy consumption.

►Replacement cycle: under normal conditions

@In the case of more dust: It is recommended to replace it in about 1~2 months. The clogging of the filter will affect the suction power of the soot filter.
@In the case of a small amount of dust and a lot of smoke: It is recommended to replace it in about 3~4 months to effectively reduce the pollution of the odor to the indoor environment.

(This data is for reference only, not as a promised service life, customers need to replace it according to actual usage)

►Average purification efficiency: Due to the structure of the laser equipment, the different settings of laser processing materials and operating parameters have a certain impact on the purification efficiency of smoke and dust.
►Filter service life: The service life of the filter is affected by the following factors, which may vary greatly.

1. Laser processing material
2. Working hours of laser equipment
3. Laser processing power
4. Laser processing site environment

►Specially designed for laser cutting machine processing pollution filtering design, for most users processing wood/acrylic and other applications with strong dust and odor:

Many tar and smoke caused by wood cutting or carving
The primary effect filter cotton of the first layer is used to block larger particles of dust and disperse the instantaneous concentration of smoke.
The second layer of medium-efficiency filtration blocks the fine dust in the smoke, which can reduce the concentration of smoke discharged.
The third to seventh layers have a large amount of activated carbon, which minimizes the burning smell of wood burning.

There are many dust and odors caused by acrylic cutting or engraving
The primary filter cotton of the first layer is used to block larger particles of dust.
The second layer blocks the finer dust again, which can reduce the odor concentration of acrylic.
The third to seventh layer is a large amount of activated carbon, which mainly absorbs and purifies the odor, so that the filtered efflux will not have a pungent smell.

► It is suitable for odor filtering next to large-scale UV direct-injection machines or 3D printers, which can effectively improve indoor pungent odors. The 10-stage wind speed adjustment can control the filtering speed by itself. The lower the flow rate of the odor filtering, the better the filtering effect.
► Large suction performance is suitable for laser cutting machines with a working range of 900X600mm and below, and for 600x400mm machines, it can also be used in one-to-two, reducing the purchase cost.
►Mobile integrated chassis design, small footprint, ready to use when plugged in.
►Single tube configuration can be selected according to requirements (take laser marking machine as an example, which has better suction performance for odor/dust/smoke.
►The filter blocking warning always keeps the best condition. When the filter is partially blocked, the device will send out a warning light and a slow warning to remind the user.
When the filter is blocked to about 85%, the warning sound will also be accelerated. At this time, it is recommended to replace the first and second layers of filters immediately to avoid the pollution of the indoor environment due to pressure caused by smoke or odors that cannot be effectively discharged.


Multi-layer filtration for dust/smoke/odor filtering

Digital status display panel。Display the current wind speed. 10 wind speed adjustments. timing. Blocking warning

Double suction port design for one-to-two use.
Or use a single suction port to double the stand

Equipped with flange seat, external exhaust pipe can be installed
If the pollution smell/smoke is not heavy, no external discharge is required

safety devices
Configure the operation status indicator of the equipment. Filter blockage warning light/sound. Emergency stop button

Double-brake wheel design, safe to use


Reflow soldering odor filtering application


Silk print smell filter


Odor filter for injection molding machine

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Filter layers     7
Dust filtering effect     0.3μm 99%
Electricity     AC220V 50/60Hz
Power     1100W
air flow volume     1600m³/h
Spin speed     5400r/min
Negative pressure     5200Pa
Noise     <65db(A)
Equipment size     570x500x970mm
Inlet/Outlet     80-110mm
Machine weight     105kg

One to two for 600*400mm working range models