【TAC Series】Non-metal laser marking machine

[U.S.A. metal tube] TAC series non-metallic laser marking and engraving machine
Suitable for non-metal / wood / acrylic / leather / paper... etc.

■Laser wattage: 30W / 60W / 100W / 150W
■The processing speed is fast, 3-30 times that of the traditional marking machine.
■Attached with genuine Taiwanese independent research and development engraving software, supporting nine languages.
■Sheet metal frame cabinet, non-aluminum extruded assembly.

■ Consultation hotline: +886 965-236-169 Mr. Hung mail: service@3axle.com
■ Welcome to contact for proofing / on-site to see the machine to test
■ One year warranty service
■ Taiwanese technicians/Taiwan service


Non-metal laser marking engraving machine

Equipped with /U.S.A. Design metal tube,

Suitable for non-metallic materials such as paper/wood/acrylic/leather fabrics.


Portable model, space-saving





Taiwan design Laser marking software

It comes standard with professional engraving software independently developed by Taiwan and supports nine languages.

(English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Vietnamese)



Optional accessories

Fine-tuning table

Flate Rotating

Rotation axis (small)

Rotation axis (large)

Double-headed rotating

Cross translation

X-axis movement axis

Angle adjustable stand

Standard lifting stand





Laser power 30W 60W 100W 150W
Wavelength 10.64nm
Frequency adjustable range 5-20KHz
Cooling method Air cool Air cool water cool water cool
Power adjustment range 100%
Electricity single-phase AC220V / 50-60H ※Need ground wire
Power consumption of the whole machine ≦ 2KW ≦ 2KW ≦ 3KW ≦ 3KW
Working area (optional) 110*110mm / 140*140mm / 175*175*mm / 300*300mm
Control card software TAIWAN DESIGN
Standard equipment Marking machine, goggles, simple fixture, external red light, foot switch


The above specifications are subject to change without notice. Please refer to the specifications on the latest quotation.