Metal&Non Metal Laser cutting[Co2+Fiber]

co2 & fiber Laser system
【Fiber + Carbon Dioxide】TADH-1390 CO2&Fiber Laser Cutter Metal & Non-metal Laser Cutting Machine

. Processing size: 1300*900mm.
. Metal cutting configuration with Raycus fiber laser, laser wattage 1000W
. Non-metal cutting configuration 320W Co2 laser tube + professional thick plate cutting head
. Professional cutting system, "one-key switch button" on the machine, can easily switch between metal cutting function and non-metal cutting function.

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. This equipment is specially designed for cutting a variety of materials, whether metallic or non-metallic.

. We combine the top-standard Co2 non-metal laser cutting machine configuration with the most popular fiber laser cutting configuration currently used in one machine

. Metal cutting head, 10mm focus Z axis direction adjustment, wide cutting range; excellent and stable beam quality, perfect water-cooled structure, advanced dustproof design, effectively avoid dust intrusion.

. Co2 non-metallic laser cutting performance can perform acrylic cutting with a thickness of 30mm. Because the laser head of this model is specially designed, it shows a bright clean surface without ripples after the acrylic cutting of thick plates.

. Optical fiber laser metal cutting performance Stainless steel can be perfectly cut to 3mm without post-processing. For carbon steel, it can also be cut to a degree of 6~8mm. It is the same grade for professional cutting applications.

The XYZ axis is composed of Taiwan's high-quality screw and linear guide rail, which ensures the stability of cutting non-metallic materials. Equipped with 2 different table support bars to meet different metal and non-metal cutting materials

XYZ three axes use Japanese Mitsubishi servo motor


18mm plywood cutting performance, high wattage cutting reduces edge carbon black


Laser non-contact cutting, fast loading and unloading positioning


The software can be optimized to fit into the vector line draft, Without any pre-complicated coding, any graphics can be cut immediately


No technical threshold. No post-processing
Choose the right equipment with less effort


Clean, light-transmitting and no ripple cutting effect


We have overcome the problems of thickness and water ripples


Max. working size 1300*900 mm
Fiber Laser power 1000W
CO2 Laser power 150W / 200W / 300W /  320W (optional)
Fiber wavelength 1080 nm ±5
Positioning accuracy ±0.03mm
Auxiliary gas for cutting sheet metal Nitrogen, oxygen and air are available
Non-metallic plate cutting cooling gas Air-cooled
Fiber positioning Red light
Cooling Industrial chiller
Voltage AC220V 60HZ
Machine Size 2740*2000*2000 mm
Machine weight 700KG